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Our suppliers

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Almost all ingredients we obtain from local producers, because a regional origin is important to us. You can find an overview of our products here.


Apples & Pears

Family Kerpen, Oberperl
Charcuterie, Foie gras
Ferme Porten, Manderen

Apple secco, apple balsamic vinegar

Josef Jacoby, Tünsdorf

Eggs, noodles

Family Rock, Borg

Fine brandies

- Museum of Distillery, Tettingen
- Fam. Gries, Tettingen
- Wolfgang Denzer, Tettingen


- Butchery Stroh, Wadern
- Troulerhof, Eft

Fresh fish

Trout farm Rosengarten, Trassem


Rimoco Spice manufactory, Saarbrücken


 Rural beekeeping Fuchs, Nennig


Mondo del Café, Echternach

Potatoes and wine

„Dr. Matzinger“, Perl
(Mathias Jacoby)

Potatoes and apple juice

Family Jäger, Sinz

Cow's milk cheese

- Cheese factory Altfuchshof, Karen
- Roland et Cathy Repplinger, Kirsch-les-Sierck

Flour, lentils

Paul and Barbara Hammes, Belmach


Bliesgau Oil mill


Mirko Kalkum, Saarbrücken

Seasonal fruit & vegetables

- Fruit farm Klosterberg, Merzig
- Johanneshof, Wehingen

Ice cream

Guy Hourt, Ritzingen

Fresh goat cheese

La Chèvre rit, Belmach

Onions, garlic, lamb

- Norbert Handrick, Rettel
  (Ferme Chambeyron)


Slow Food

Because responsibility and enjoyment belong together


The globally active Slow Food initiative is committed to living and sustainable food culture. The organization's most important goals include the promotion of biodiversity and organic food production as well as taste education for children and young people.



Maimühle supports the idea of Slow Food and therefore processes only natural, unadulterated as well as artisan food without artificial flavorings or flavor enhancers. After all, with every meal we make far-reaching decisions, we can choose between guilelessness and sustainable, environmentally friendly food production.



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